Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Laptop Lunchbox

Laptop Lunchbox

For quite some time, about 5 years now, I have really wanted to try a Laptop Lunchbox. I first saw them in a parenting magazine when monkey was only about 1 1/2 and I had no real reason to use one...but I remembering looking over and over and the different lunch ideas and combos and all the fun ways to use the box. I knew then that I wanted to be a lunch packing mama...and not just the pb&j with chips, an apple, and milk everyday variety. I wanted to experiment! I wanted to have fun foods, themed foods, and I wanted her to have the lunch that other kids would envy, not because it was a highly processed mess I purchased premade but because I had lovingly put thought into her lunch and it was just that fantastic that it could be healthy and pleasing. 

Fast forward and I am thrilled to have my very own Laptop Lunchbox. I elected for the Garden color variety (pictured above). It just appealed to me most. 

I love the customization of it. That there are tons of options for packing and I like that the inside containers have lids for the ability to pack runnier options with items that don't need closed packages. 

Pros: I was pleased it fit in our conventional lunch box, some inside containers have lids, inside containers easily wash on the top shelf in the dishwasher, appealing aesthetically, allows for customization. 

Cons: Difficult for my 6 year old to open alone, we have to practice. The outer box needs to really be washed by hand for maximum effectiveness. Due to size, drink needs to be packed inside the pink box as it will not fit otherwise (though if you buy one of the boxes for the laptop lunchbox this will likely be different). 

Overall I do really like this product! Since it's difficult for my daughter to open we don't use it as much as I anticipated, she's still practicing getting it to open and close on her own. We will be using it more in the future. I have asked others I know with older children and they do not have problems getting it open and closed. It lives up to the expectations I had of it and I'm very glad that I purchased it.