Saturday, October 13, 2012

Organic Valley Individual Milks

Better than the Best!

Product: Organic Valley 1% Milk fat Chocolate Milk.  

Grade: A+!

Pros: Cost effective, coupons available on the website, individually packaged, easy to open, organic, doesn't require refridgeration.

Cons: The product itself, none. My store stopped carrying them, so now actually getting THIS brand is difficult. 

Would I recommend? This product has been in nearly 2/3 of the lunches I have packed my daughter this school year. It's something I can feel really good about her having in her lunch box. It's made with products I can read and understand, by a farmer nearby to me! You can identify your area farm on their website and see directly where the milk is coming from. My daughter loves chocolate milk, like most kids, but there are tons of concerns for me about growth hormones, antibiotics, etc... when it comes to the cows our milk is coming from. Organic Valley has taken the fear out of drinking milk. It's easy to open and since it only needs refrigeration after opening I don't have to worry about keeping it cold in the lunch box (though I would prefer it cold). 


Three Examples: 

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